Motors in Motion Performance

With our pedigree in VW racing, we're please to offer our selection of the best parts available for performance VW's. 

Air & Induction

Let your car breathe with a replacement panel filter or full intake. 

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust system changes, increase power and sound!


Performance intercoolers, one of the best modifications for your car!


Make your car handle on rails with performance suspension changes.


What goes fast, must slow down, performance brakes are a must for any car with increased performance!

Gearing and Transmission

Clutch, Flywheels and Gearbox modifications. Shift faster and handle more power!


Reduce weight and look great with a change of wheels. 


Everything else that doesnt fit into a catergory!


Motorsport Products Including Body Kits


JM Racing is the racing sister of Motors in Motion. Run by Josh Coggan and Mark Wakefield both VW Cup Race winners, JM Racing provide fully built race ready cars for competition in most British Motorsports, from seasonal hire to track day, for Drivers, by Drivers.